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Saturday, November 16, 2019

GOOD READ: "I Will Follow" by John Ray

The week's Business Minded Website book recommendation goes to John Ray's "I Will Follow".  Read the synopsis, purchase the book for yourself and find out for yourself as to why this book is such as good read!

Twenty one years old and fresh out of seminary, Jude has decided that his first calling from God is to take a year-long mission trip to Africa. Struggling to deal with his parents’ divorce and his mother’s overprotective interference, Jude gets sidelined when he’s asked to track down a lost soul from his past. His journey from the small town to the big city and the evil he faces along the way opens up a huge, corrupt world that he’s never experienced before. After being confronted with the ultimate betrayal and being kidnapped by a drug dealer, Jude must decide if his faith is made stronger or if it will be all together destroyed.

Purchase the book on AMAZON

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