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How G-Eazy increased his streaming numbers and grew his social reach in just 12 months

How G-Eazy increased his streaming numbers and grew his social reach in just 12 months

Rapper G-Eazy and his social team are some of the best social marketers in the industry. They have created a strong brand through his social media accounts. Collectively, across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter he has roughly 7.6 million social followers. In the last 12 months, G-Eazy has grown his social following by roughly 3 million followers. If you look at his feeds, they are filled with premium behind the scenes moments captured by his content team. Although his social following has been increasing his engagement has somewhat stalled out, and he’s not alone.
Major social networks changed their algorithms behind their feeds last year which gives priority to personal friend’s posts over branded pages. Since social networks are built around the feed system, it makes it harder for artists content to be seen, even though they have millions of followers. Now the artist is forced to pay for boosted posts to reach fans they already have. In 2016 Kosta Elchev from Stashimi approached G-Eazy’s management team to discuss how the new platform they built could help in growing the artist’s career.

The service was Artist Messenger, and it focused on using Messaging and Voice platforms as the new untapped marketing channels. Collectively, messaging apps have over 2 billion monthly users, and the Voice market is exponentially growing due to the competitive landscape between Google, Amazon, and Apple. The idea of Artist Messenger was to see if the tool could help increase G-Eazy’s social engagement by taking his existing fans from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and converting them into Messenger subscribers. By turning his fans into subscribers in Messenger, he was able to send direct push-notifications around his important announcements, which allowed him to bypass the tricky social feed algorithms. Since the launch of his Messenger chatbot, G-Eazy’s social engagement has increased from 5.38% to upwards of 30% and has been able to grow his following by millions.

Artists are discovering Artist Messenger is the best tool for them to create a direct line to their fans. Today the only way for you to get in front of your fans is through the social feeds, which are passive and at the end of the day controlled by the networks algorithms. Artist Messenger through Facebook Messenger chatbots gives the artists a way to bypass the social feeds and engage with their fans directly. The platform is built around automatically updating fans by knowing when there’s new social posts, news articles, YouTube uploads, or music releases. The biggest advantage to artists is they have direct access to their fans with push-notifications making it easier for them to get their content seen.
Over the past year, Artist Messenger has been working with some of the biggest major and indie artists to test and perfect the service before they officially launched. As of two weeks ago, any musician can now sign up for the service and start connecting with their fans on Messenger.
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Ramzy Sweis does many many things!

I am amazed at how many hats Ramzy Sweis wears. He has a long-running successful web series called “Never Repeat A Joke” which started as a screenplay. His first novel appropriately titled “Why We Never Repeat Jokes” on Amazon, immediately got 5 out of 5 stars on every review. His book is a fan favorite and has been called inspiring and thought provoking “Why Do We Never Repeat Jokes” is available on Amazon

He also reviews Hip Hop Music on his Soundcloud
Ramzy is focused and driven with a passion for comedy. His aim is to share his point of view on such topics as life, love, and happiness. Ramzy has overcame adversity to become a fast-rising star in comedy. Rest assured he will be a major player in the entertainment industry for years to come!
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The Diktator is all about his Business!

Recording artist / entrepreneur The Diktator is certainly ALL ABOUT HIS BUSINESS, and this is why 
we have him spotlighted on The Business Minded Website feature.

Check out the Diktator and his music at the 
links below....

Instagram - @DiktatorKoc
Twitter - @KocDiktator

The DIKTATOR App Youtube Commercial

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Songwriter / artist KIPP PILES is ABOUT HIS BUSINESS!

Songwriter / rapper KIPP PILES is certainly all about his business, and this is why we have him featured here in the BUSINESS MINDED WEBSITE!  

When you think about an artist's characteristics, many particulars come to mind such as, style, versatility, creativity, adaptability, charisma, longevity and success.  

When it comes to Rapper/Songwriter and Carolina native Kipp Piles, those qualities instantly capture you and pull you in!  With rap origins crafted in The Carolina's and Georgia, Kipp Piles aims to bring and establish a new bench mark in music. 

With bounce inspired witty flows, melodic and catchy southern hooks, and hints of harmony, seasoned with swaggy lyricism, Kipp Piles strives to prove that he has major star and staying power in this fast moving and ever changing music industry!

Kipp Piles is no newcomer to this music business. Kipp has been rapping 10+ yrs, he's based out of Newberry, SC, reppin both Carolina's as a whole! Big shouts to One Nation Entertainment that is the label/team Kipp is rollin with, but don't get it twisted its still MTG for life that's the fam.

Add me on Snapchat! Username: kipppiles_mtg

I'm on Instagram as @kipppiles_mtg. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

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Interview with Author W. E. Adams

1. Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Writing energizes me

2. What are common traps for aspiring writers?

They think that everything is going to take off for them right out of the gate. Or that their work is done once the book is written.

3. Does a big ego help or hurt writers?

I would say both. It can equally help or hurt an author.

4. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self to take your time, and never let someone tell you that you can't do something.

5. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

It made me realize that I made a lot of mistakes. Now I have a formula and know exactly what needs to be done.

6. What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

I would have to say my own. Everyone else that I read seems to be doing very well.

7. What one thing would you give up to become a better writer?

I would have to say video games. I am heavily into gaming.

8. Does your family support your career as a writer?

Lol...funny that you asked that question. They do now. But everyone thought that I was joking when I said that I was going to write a book.

9. Are you currently working on a book? If yes what is it about?

I actually have just finished my third book. It will be in the survival/zombie apocalypse genre.

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Philonius Phunk is about his BUSINESS and a MAN ON A MISSION

The super producer / composer Philonius Phunk is about his business and he is certainly a MAN ON A MISSION, and this is why we have him spotlighted here in our BUSINESS MINDED WEBSITE!
Check out the latest single produced by the mega beat maker which features the vocals from rap recording artists Birdy, Kenny B. Showetime, D-Hud and A-Game!  Each one of these gentlemen pump out amazing verses and prove that they are in fact men on a mission!  

Listen to the song at the direct link below....

Take a break from the Business to have "GAME NIGHT"

When it comes to Business, the Business Minded Website is not only dedicated to shining a spotlight on entrepreneurs and their profitable business ventures, but this site was also created to avail valuable information to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to chart their path to a successful business.  An important piece of information and tip we would like to share with you readers today is that it's very important to take breaks.

In between working hard and completing tasks that move you forward to your success within your industry, it's crucial that you take time for yourself, relax, and carve out moments for leisure.  Many studies support this.  One way to kick back and relax is with friends, and what better way to spend time with friends while enjoying their company is by setting aside a "Game Night".

During the Game Night, you and your company could indulge in multi-player board games, trivia, and more to ease tension from working hard and to refresh you for the upcoming tasks ahead.  The nerdcore rap super group S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) knows the importance of enjoying your friends while entertaining them for "Game Night" so much that they have even created a song based on the concept of having a game night.

You may listen to the song at the direct link below

How do you enjoy your leisure time?
What do you do for a game night?
Who are some of the people you invite to your game night?
Do you have any interesting stories surrounding a game night with friends?  
Post your answers below and get the discussion going.

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T-Money is About His Business

Rapper T-Money is about his business, that's why we have him spotlighted here in the BUSINESS MINDED WEBSITE.

Follow T-Money on Social Media at the links below.

Facebook: Tim Hendrix
Instagram: tmoney863
Soundcloud: $$ T-Money $$
YouTube: T-Money
Datpiff: $$ T-Money $$ mixtape name Bringin Back Real

New Video: "Tunnel Vision" by Jay Pill

Listen to the new video from rising rap artist JAY PILL titled "Tunnel Vision"! If you would like more information on Jay Pill then e-mail Dawn at

Richie B. Unruly is About his Business

Bio: Retracing Steps. A term not many think of but use without realizing it. Rumeale, also known by monikers Richie B Unruly and Gyn Rummy brings a sound enveloping listeners with a nostalgic feeling meant to help anyone look at how far they've come on their journey into manhood, understanding the mentality of what it's like to feel alone and grow, learning how to show and receive love and finding who you are.

The journey continues on #TheRoadToCOA  
Below are the standard music outlets for your pc and phone.
Retracing Steps: The Prologue
Retracing Steps: The Transition
Retracing Steps: The Heart 
Retracing Steps: The Finale 

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