Saturday, October 29, 2016


TIME FOR ANOTHER DJ BME MUSIK MIX SHOW, ITS BEEN A MINUTE SINCE HE DID ONE..BUT HE FOUND TIME SO HE IS BACK WITH NEW MUSIC, REVIEWS, RESOURCES, INTERVIEWS AND MORE!! SPEAKING OF INTERVIEWS THIS SHOW IS A 25 MIN INTERVIEW WITH CHRISTIAN RAPPER DON THE VIGILANTE..TUNE IN AND SUPPORT! WHILE ASKING DON THE VIGILANTE WHAT HE HAS IN STORE FAR AS MUSIC HE REPLIED: My name is Donald Baptiste III stage name Don The Vigilante I'm a 22 year old Christian rapper that always had love for hip hop since I was young also favorite subject was English and always loved writing, I was good at poetry as well so if you put the love of hip hop and the love of writing I guess you get a rapper, I started making music when I was just 15 use to do regular hip hop, but years later I have found God and became saved so I have decided to do music for God I guess you can call me a Christian that's a rapper or a rapper that's a Christian, also for future preferences I would like to start my own record label and become one of the biggest names in hip hop while doing it for God, but my present right now is that I'm releasing my first debut album called "Southern Religion" on November 4th so stay tuned. If you want to get on my show reach out about inquiries to get things going


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